This post first appeared on the cvmosaic.org blog

“Invent Your Education.” The slogan for The Mosaic Collective. Too often we forget it or forget the purpose behind it.

We have students participating in several Learning Experiences – many designed by staff, many individual initiatives designed with staff, and a few designed by our partners in education. And a few students simply invent their own.

Several days ago, Zane, Tate and Hayden shared a YouTube video with Amanda (@kerrart) and me showing an artist creating beautiful pieces of art with spray paint. Their energy level high, they found our limited supply of spray paint and immediately began experimenting and emulating this artist. They eagerly shared, helped, created, revised, started over.

Yesterday, Tate and Hayden completed these.




Beautiful. Personal. Art. And how did they accomplish this? Did Amanda suggest it? Did she teach techniques? Did she assign or co-create a project with a clear rubric? Did she tie their work to specific credit toward graduation?

Nope. She provided some materials, space, time, and then got out of their way. Huh. Who knew?

Inventing Their Education. How are you, your students, your children identifying and pursuing an interest? What are you doing? What are you sharing?